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Looking for orders, products, or product grouping?

These have moved to the Core API (version 1) documentation.

Reviews endpoints




Generate the API utoken necessary to authenticate most of Yotpo's API calls.

Reviews - merchant

Create and retrieve reviews.

Reviews - storefront

Use these endpoints when building any type of on-site widget for the purpose of displaying it to end users.

Reviews metadata

Leverage metadata collected upon order creation to allow shoppers to filter reviews according to customer, order, and/or product-related fields such as membership type, location, delivery type, order history, and more.

Automatic review requests

Send an Automatic Review Request test email.

Static HTML

Retrieve the reviews payload in HTML.

Questions and Answers

Retrieve Q&A data and create questions and answers.

Dynamic coupons

Upload, delete and retrieve dynamic coupon codes.

Email analytics

Retrieve data on review request emails, reminder emails, coupons, comments, and other correspondences sent through Yotpo.


Get a bottom line score for your products.

Rich content

Retrieve the top three 5-star reviews per account.


Manage mailing lists within Yotpo.


Configure a webhook to execute whenever a new review is created or an existing review is updated.

Visual UGC endpoints



Visual UGC

Leverage user-generated photos and videos on your site, social pages, and ads.

Privacy API

We developed the Privacy API to probe our systems and verify if Yotpo processes any data related to a specific user. This API also enables you to retrieve this data via a secure email from Yotpo once requested.

Insights API

We developed the Insights AP to enable you to retrieve insights on review content. This helps you identify strengths, discover new opportunities for improvement, and make better decisions about your business.

To use this API, you must be subscribed to a Reviews plan which includes Yotpo Insights.