User data

An asynchronous request that retrieves existing user data in the Yotpo system. User data is sent as a JSON file to the account email address associated with the Yotpo account utoken.



To check for existing data about a specific customer, the merchant's utoken should be passed as the utoken and the customer's email address should be passed as the email

What happens next?

If you received a 200 OK response and the data exists endpoint returned a response attribute of "has_data": true, you'll receive the user data via an email sent to the email address associated with the account utoken. The email contains a link to a JSON file which includes any existing user data as shown in the response below:




  • The link to the user data JSON file will expire 48 hours after the request is generated.
  • The User Data JSON includes any orders metadata collected upon order creation.
    reviews: [
        id: 32,
        title: "This product changed my life",
        content: "I can't reccomend this product enough!",
        images: [ ],
        social_shares: [ ]
    orders: [
       id: 44,
       external_order_id: "1524729980",
       name: "Randy S.",
       email: "[email protected]",
       "customer_properties": {
       "state": "New York",
       "country": "USA",
       "address": "123 Main Street",
       "phone_number": "555-555-5555"
    questions: [
       id: 4,
       content: "Do you have this in white?"
answers: [
      content: Yes! We have this product in every color!
uploaded_on_site: [
        id: "39712118",             
        image_url:     ""
photo_imports: null



If your response came back with a 200 | OK code and you haven't received an email from Yotpo within 24 hours, please reach out to Yotpo support for assistance.

Response ParamDescription
Reviews The reviews array includes data on reviews associated with the queried account.
idThe review ID
titleThe review title
contentThe review content
imagesAny customer photos included with the review
social_sharesSocial media network where the review was shared
OrdersThe orders array includes data on orders associated with the queried account.
idYotpo's internal order ID
external_order_idYour eCommerce platform order ID (e.g. Shopify order ID).
nameThe customer's name
emailThe customer's email address
customer_propertiesOrders metadata includes customer state country address phone_number
Questions The questions array includes data on questions asked by reviewers per the queried account.
idThe question ID
contentThe question content
AnswersThe answers array includes data on questions asked by reviewers per the queried account.
idThe answer ID
contentThe answer content
Uploaded On SitePhotos uploaded by customers through your on-site UGC or Product gallery
idThe photo upload ID
image_urlThe image URL of the uploaded image
Photo ImportsPhotos imported to Yotpo via .csv upload