About Insights API


To enjoy Yotpo Insights, you must be subscribed to a Yotpo Insights plan. To learn more, contact your Yotpo representative.


Before you get started, you'll need to get your authorization credentials ready. Insights API calls are authenticated using the same Yotpo uToken used in other Yotpo endpoints. If you haven't already done so, be sure to generate a uToken bypassing your API Credentials through the Yotpo Authentication endpoint.

Once generated, pass your uToken in the API header where

  • Key: Authorization
  • Value: Bearer <###-uToken-goes-here-###>
  • e.g. "Bearer YTJZm0J7XaIcpzVN8HsWzhOcAzwdbzFJ1HDQJXSk"



Most Insights endpoints allow you to filter by reviewer location by passing country and/or state values as abbreviations through the country and state params (e.g. US, CA, NY).
For a list of supported country and state locations, see the lists below: