About Visual UGC

Visual UGC endpoints allow you to leverage user-generated photos and videos on your site, social pages, and ads. Check out the table below for an overview of each endpoint.


In order to use Visual UGC endpoints, your Yotpo plan must include Visual UGC. Learn more


Rate limit & data freshness SLA applies!

For all Visual UGC endpoints, the following applies:

  • Requests are limited to 5,000 requests/minute, per app key.
  • Data is retrieved in real-time.

Visual UGC endpoints



Import images

Imports an array of up to eight images to Yotpo. To import more than three photos at a time, please contact Yotpo support.

Import videos

Imports user-generated videos to Yotpo. Videos can be added to Custom Albums and Product Albums by including videos.album_names and videos.domain_keys, respectively. Each video can be tagged with up to 8 products.

Get media

Get user-generated photos and/or video by source and media_type. The media source could be from review, import, onsite_upload, or social.

Custom albums

Fetches the names and ID's of all existing custom albums per account app_key.

Photos by album

Fetches the custom album payload including album images, tags, names, and ID's of all existing custom albums per account app_key.

Product images

Use this endpoint to retrieve product images where were curated to product albums.

Video upload errors

Request a list of failed video upload attempts. The response includes the uploader's user_name, user_email, file_name, video upload source, creation timestamp, and the reason the video failed to upload successfully.