Create review

This is the asynchronous method and is recommended for general use.


Rate limit & data freshness SLA applies!

  • Requests for this endpoint are limited to 5,000 requests/minute, per app key.
  • Data retrieved by this endpoint will be no older than 1 hour.



This call will create reviews only as anonymous and will send out review verification emails to all the customers you've created reviews for.

See Importing Your Reviews to Yotpo for information on importing reviews.


Custom questions:

Click the Create Review + Custom Questions tab to view a sample response of a review with custom review form fields. Contact your Yotpo Customer Success Manager if you need help identifying the custom_field slug.

custom_fields": {
"--12159": "empty answers3? empty answers3?",
"--12014": "123"

Note that custom fields should carry values which are in line with the type of question being asked. For example, a rating question type would carry numerical values e.g. 1-5 while a textual question type would carry values such as "good" "okay" "poor".


Trusted vendors:

Trusted Vendors allows you to create verified buyers and verified reviewers without sending verification emails to shoppers you already know and trust. To enable this feature, please contact your Yotpo Customer Success Manager. Click on the Trusted Vendors tab to view a sample of a review with Trusted Reviews.

The reviewer_type parameter refers to a verified_buyer or verified_reviewer and requires a signature.

The signature, time_stamp, and reviewer_type parameters are only valid when using the Trusted Vendor feature.

The time_stamp, and reviewer_type parameters are mandatory when using the signature parameter.

To pass validation, the hash in your signature must be passed in lowercase characters.



Creating site reviews:

It is not possible to create site reviews via API. To create site reviews please use the Email Settings slider or the Manual Site Reviews Request features.

Metadata fields and properties



Predefined Fields

Yotpo supports several predefined fields on products, orders, and customers:
-Products: Color, Size, Vendor, Material, Model, Coupon Used
-Orders: Coupon Used, Delivery type
-Customers: State, Country, Address, Phone Number

These fields are all optional.

Custom Properties

Custom properties can be included in orders and retrieved as part of reviews.

There are three types of custom fields:
-Product related
-Order related

Validation & Errors

Field names are not case sensitive and can contain numbers & symbols.
Two fields cannot have the same name.
There’s a limit of 10 custom fields per type (order/customer/product).


Fields are Case Sensitive everywhere they’re configured