About Privacy API

Check for any existing user data in the Yotpo system.

Yotpo is all about providing consumers with a secure and trustworthy shopping experience - extending to reviewers who share content such as reviews, photos, and videos via the Yotpo platform.

We go to great lengths to ensure that merchants and their customers feel confident with every Yotpo interaction and encourage you to check out our Privacy Guide to learn more about privacy, data processing, and compliance at Yotpo.


Data Processing Agreement

Learn more about our privacy compliance guidelines in our Data Processing Agreement.

Privacy API endpoints

In line with Yotpo's privacy commitments, Yotpo offers three API endpoints which allow you to check for any existing account data in the Yotpo system and delete end user data if necessary.

Data existsA synchronous request that checks for existing user data (true/false) in the Yotpo system.
User dataAn asynchronous request that retrieves existing user data in the Yotpo system. User data is sent as a JSON file to the account email address associated with the Yotpo account utoken.
Delete end user dataDeletes end user metadata collected by Yotpo. If you wish to delete data for a specific end user (merchant's customer) or group of end users, please reach out to Yotpo support for assistance.