About Q&A

Yotpo Social Q&A enables visitors and prospective buyers to get real-time answers from store owners and past buyers. Questions will be directed to the store owner and to customers who had previously purchased the product. Q&A API endpoints allow you to retrieve Q&A data and create questions and answers.

Q&A are shown as part of the on- site widget, on a separate tab from the reviews.

Q&A endpoints

GET /products/app_key/sku/questionsRetrieve questions and answers for a given product using the product SKU number.Retrieve questions and answers for a product
GET/products/{app_key}/{sku}/qna_bottomline:Retrieve the bottom line for a given product using the product SKU number. The bottom line will return the total questions and total answers for the desired product.Retrieve the bottom line for questions and answers
GET /apps/:app-key/questions.jsonRetrieve all questions for the designated account per Yotpo account API key.Retrieve all questions
POST/questions/:question_id/answersCreate a public or private answer to a specific question per question_idCreate an answer to a question
POST /questionsCreate and send a question without sending your customer a confirmation email.Create a question (without sending a confirmation email
POST/questions/send_confirmation_mailCreate and send a question which requires email confirmation.Create a question (with confirmation email)
POST /answers/answer_id/vote/vote_typeVote up or down on a particular answer to a question by answer_idVote on answers



Use the Retrieve questions and answers for a product endpoint to retrieve an answer_id parameter.

Use the Retrieve all questions endpoint to retrieve a question_id parameter.