Email analytics

Retrieve aggregated data for email metrics based on the defined email type value and group data by metrics.


How to use this endpoint

  • For example responses, click the relevant status code on the right.



  • The since and until parameters always refer to sent emails, regardless of which metric was requested. Metrics are retrieved from emails which were sent within the date range defined. For example, if you're requesting data on reviews within the date range of Jan 01 (since) - Jan 05 (until), note that while the review request emails were sent within the date range, the actual reviews may have only been created after Jan 05 (until).
  • The date_bucket default value is month and returns values as a calendar month. For example, &since=2017-07-15&until=2017-08-15&date_bucket=month will return monthly buckets as July 15 -31, August 01 - 15