Get media

Get user-generated photos and/or video by source and media_type. The media source could be from review, import, onsite_upload, or social.


How to use this endpoint

  • For example responses, click the relevant status code on the right.

Export Images - Images Array Response Attributes

imagesThe images array
sourceThe source of the image. e.g. 'review', 'import', 'onsite_upload', 'social'
image_idThe unique ID of the image
standard_resolutionThe image in its standard resolution
low_resolutionThe image in low resolution
facebook_resolutionThe image cropped to Facebook resolution
twitter_resolutionThe image cropped to Twitter resolution
instagram_resolutionThe image cropped to Instagram resolution
original_image_urlThe original image in its original resolution
tagged_productsThis array includes the unique product_id and product_name of the tagged_products
postThis hash includes the content of the image post as well as the user_name and user_email of the reviewer who posted the image.
contentThe textual content of the post
user_nameThe name of the reviewer who posted the image
user_emailThe email address of the reviewer who posted the image
albumsThe array of albums including the album type and album name`
typeThe type of album in which the image is located. This could be CustomAlbum or ProductAlbum
nameThe name of the album in which the image is located. If the album type is ProductAlbum, the album name is represented by the product ID of the product tagged in the album.
idThe album's unique identifier
original_video_urlThe link to the original Instagram post
video_idThe video's unique identifier
video_urlHosted URL of the video itself
video_durationThe length of the video (in seconds)
thumbnailThe video's cover image thumbnail