Re-add email addresses to email distribution lists

Re-adds email addresses to your mailing list that you added to your Yotpo email blocklist. Customers who organically unsubscribed from your mailing list will not be re-added.


How to use this endpoint

  • To see example requests, click Examples in the payload on the right.
  • For example responses, click the relevant status code on the right.



  • Currently, the returned is not supported in the Yotpo API.
  • For multiple requests, Yotpo recommends passing batches of 150 emails per request.
  • If you use the async parameter, the response does not contain "unsubscribers".
  • If you use the validate_data parameter, the response will contain errors if the requested parameters are not valid.

Email types

NumberEmail Type
1Mails After Purchase and other reminder emails
2Targeted Review Requests
3Mail after service: emails sent as a follow-up in Zendesk integration
4Comment requests: store owners with comments feature, get this after a new review is written
5Comment notification: reviewers get this after store owner comments on a review
6Site reminder: site review requests that sent with the 'slider' feature
7Mail after invoice: emails sent from the "Site Review Automation" feature
8Question confirmation: mail sent to confirm the email of a user who asks a question. Questions are only submitted once the poser confirms their email.
9Answer request shop owner
10Answer request shoppers
11Answer notification shop owner
12Answer notification shoppers: the notification sent to the user that asked the question that the question has been answered
13Resend reminder: this is only sent when a reminder is resent manually from the Admin
14Anonymous testimonials request: HubSpot integration emails
15Targeted Product Review request: the Targeted Product Review request email
16Coupon Reminder
17Coupon Notification