Create review (synchronous)

Note: This method is recommended for development only.


How to use this endpoint

  • To see example requests, click Examples in the payload on the right.
  • Requests for this endpoint are limited to 5,000 requests/minute, per app key.
  • Data is retrieved in real-time.

Trusted vendors

Trusted Vendors allows you to create verified buyers and verified reviewers without sending verification emails to shoppers you already know and trust. To enable this feature, please contact your Yotpo Customer Success Manager. Click on the Trusted Vendors tab to view a sample of a review with Trusted Reviews.

The reviewer_type parameter refers to a verified_buyer or verified_reviewer and requires a signature.

The signature, time_stamp, and reviewer_type parameters are only valid when using the Trusted Vendor feature.

The time_stamp, and reviewer_type parameters are mandatory when using the signature parameter.

To pass validation, the hash in your signature must be passed in lowercase characters.


Custom questions

Click the Create Review + Custom Questions tab to view a sample response of a review with custom question fields. Contact your Yotpo Customer Success Manager if you need help identifying the custom_field slug.

custom_fields": {
"--12159": "empty answers3? empty answers3?",
"--12014": "123"