Create review (synchronous)

Note: This method is recommended for development only.


How to use this endpoint

  • To see example requests, click Examples in the payload on the right.
  • Requests for this endpoint are limited to 5,000 requests/minute, per app key.
  • Data is retrieved in real-time.


Please note:

  • The following parameters are relevant only for customers using the Trusted Vendors feature: signature, time_stamp, submission_time_stamp, and reviewer_type.
  • If you're using this feature, please make sure you refer to our dedicated help center article before you use this endpoint. To learn more, please contact your Yotpo representative.

Custom questions

Click the Create Review + Custom Questions tab to view a sample response of a review with custom question fields. Contact your Yotpo Customer Success Manager if you need help identifying the custom_field slug.

custom_fields": {
"--12159": ["Chilly days","Rainy mornings","Windy evenings"],
"--12014": "123"}

Note that custom fields should carry values that are in line with the type of question being asked. For example, a rating question type would carry numerical values e.g. 1-5 while a textual question type would carry values such as "good" "okay" and "poor".